Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankful Thankful Thankful!

I started this blog in 2007 (hard for me to believe its been that long!) and every year I do a Thanksgiving post.

See... 2007, 2008, & 2009.

Well, blogging friends, this year is no exception to that truth and here I go again!

Things I'm Thankful For:

1.God. I'm thankful that He saved me, and I'm thankful that He hasn't given up on me. I'm even thankful for the growing pains I seem to be feeling lately ;o)
2. My parents! They're here visiting me this year for Thanksgiving and while I'm so thankful for Godly parents, I'm also thankful that they're being my guests for Thanksgiving. There is nothing that comes close to holidays with family!
3. My brothers and sisters-in-law... I really love them so much!
4. The kiddos! CG, DC, CJ, & EB... I'm so thankful for happy and healthy niece and nephews. And I"m thankful that I'll get to see them in less than a month!! =oD
5. The smell of pumpkin pie baking in my oven while I type this out. Yum!
6. Work. Not only for having a job considering so many people don't, but for a job I like working for truly the best boss I've ever had.
7. Freedom of religion. What a good reason to come to America, pilgrims! I'm grateful that they risked their lives to come to a strange place and that I'm able to celebrate Thanksgiving and pray for a meal and worship God with others because of their tenacity.
8. America's Armed Forces. Thank you for missing Thanksgiving with your own families so that I can sit with mine and pray over a meal together. You're keeping our freedom secure and risking your lives for it. Thank You.
9. Not working retail on black Friday. If you've read the other lists, you should know by now that this shows up on them all.Ha. This will be my 4th black Friday since I worked my short stint in the retail industry, but I'm still so thankful to be out of it!
10. Sisters ;o)
11. Friends who are my family.
12. My church home. It really is a home and a place I like to go. I love serving there alongside so many and it's truly an honor to spend so much time teaching and playing with "your" kids. They are wonderful and I love that I get to make that a part of my Sunday as well. 
13. Books that kick my but into gear and make me want to be more for Christ.
14. This renewed desire to read my Bible...
15. Being halfway done with Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving. It goes against my strong like of Thanksgiving, but I love that I'll be able to relax a bit more over the next few weeks because of it!
16. Thanksgiving day leftovers. I know that it will all taste better on Friday. ha
17. Perhaps last on the list, but not least my any means. I'm thankful for you, blog readers. You keep me writing ;o)

I hope you enjoy these lists as much as I do. And I hope even more that you're at least mentally making a list of your own! Happy Thanksgiving, blog friends! I hope you're enjoying a very wonderful holiday!!  =o)


Anonymous said...

Joy...Happy Thanksgiving! Just wanted to tell you how much that I enjoy reading your blog and seeing your pictures! Thanks for sharing yourself in both ways with your friends! Hugs girls!

Joy said...

Thank you Emma! I'm also thankful for the renewal of our friendship =o)