Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Turkey and Swiss Stromboli

Yesterday I made homemade soup. Tomato soup, to be exact...

It was delicious and you should try it sometime! You can find the recipe here on I Am Mommy. Today to go with it, I made a stromboli with cajun turkey and swiss cheese...
I added some mustard and green onions, and it was quite probably one of the best sandwiches I've had. I really think the only thing it could have used was some romaine lettuce! Nice thick stalks of lettuce would have added a tasty crunch! You can't see the green onions in any of these photos, but trust me, they were there... It added a nice flavor that combined so well with the cajun flavor of the turkey and the light tang of the swiss. I started with this ham and swiss recipe from allrecipes.com and then modified it to my own tastes.
Paired with yesterday's soup, and a few pickles (because lets face it, what's a deli-style sandwich without pickles?) it was a great dinner. And the best part? Plenty of leftovers to cover dinner for the rest of the week!
I hope you try one for yourself sometime! If you're really clever, you can find a way to invite yourself over for dinner ;o)

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