Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Discipline, or Lack Thereof

I have a hard time with discipline… I know this all ties into the blog I posted the other day, but I’ve been talking with friends lately about this and I feel the need to blog (that’s just not uncommon, haha).

It’s not just being lazy, although I know some of it is, but partially, I think I have a fear of failing so when I don’t do some things, at least I don’t fail at them. It’s so illogical.. or maybe it’s too logical… maybe I over thought myself?

I’m really good at talking myself into and out of things. Recently I switched cell phone providers and I had myself all talked into doing it when I stopped and realized that it could actually be a terrible idea, so I stopped and e-mailed people I knew checked their e-mails regularly to ask them for prayer, I talked to my brother and I talked to my dad. It was a good decision (and one that cut my phone bill in half), but I wonder if I do the same thing when it comes to something I think I could fail at?

In May I joined a group at Fleet Feet. A beginner 5k training similar to those you may have seen called Couch to 5k. I did well, at first. Then I had to miss a couple of group runs and then I got busy over the summer. Before I knew it I stopped going and I didn’t even go and walk a 5k. I think I was able to talk myself out of walking it because it was so hot and I just wasn’t prepared to walk in that humidity.

Lame. I just needed to push myself. To trust that God could take me the whole way.. which leads me to this:


I need it. Without someone asking me how I’m doing… without that, I can easily convince myself to stop doing things. Easily. Which is why I had my hesitations when my coworker asked me to rejoin the group and retrain for a 5k (thins one in November). Who was going to push me during the week? Answer? My friend Beverly! She and I are meeting twice a week and she’s even convinced me to at least run/walk another 5k in October. Nuts? Maybe. Do-able? Yes. Because I have a Godly friend to run with and keep me going, parents who are excited for me (well, my dad’s not a fan of running, but he’s a fan of me!), a 'sister' that's going to join the run, a “life group” (aka family) at church (and formerly from church) praying for me, coworkers asking me about it, and you (my blogging friends) to tell about it.

So stay tuned… In October and in November (and who knows when else) I’m going to be telling you all about some 5k’s.

(that’s all for now… I need to go work on my homework for Bible Study tonight that I should have been working on for the last week… *ahem* I’m going to work on that discipline, too, Tiffany)

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