Sunday, August 1, 2010

New Orleans Part III: The French Quarter

The French Quarter is a lovely place during the day. A merge of old and new that just seems to work in a way that only New Orleans can make work. The Fleur De Leis is a very common site mixed in with all kinds of old and new. Beads everywhere from Mardi Gras past. Statues in squares surrounded by gardens and fences. Buildings built centuries ago, or maybe just a decade ago. Falling apart brick within a stones throw of glittering steel and massive stone. A gilded street performer who paused at his faux statue presence to startle children and wink at the ladies; artists painting obscurely realistic paintings or trying to catch a client in a charcoal drawing. Musicians, some of whom brought back dreams of Memphis, doing what they do best to earn some money. Small new shops, old seemingly-forever existing restaurants. Cars competing with horses pulling carriages. Cobblestone streets and pavement. Brick sidewalks and cracking concrete. Wooden signs with peeling paint near neon lights screaming out offerings of daiquiris and pizza by the slice. Small almost alleyways set up with tables and chairs. Wrought iron street posts. Pirate alleys next to ancient cathedrals.Tourists chatting with locals listening to all of the possibilities all while asking themselves, "What will we see today?"

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