Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Orleans V: A Carriage Ride & Sting

Who knew there would be 5 posts? Certainly not me!! I just couldn't seem to shorten these up anymore =o) Saturday night we went for a carriage ride around the French Quarter. Listening to our driver tell us stories about the history of New Orleans, vampires, and Elvis... It was entertaining to say the least ;o)

Meet our driver... I don't remember his name...  I'll call him Jim (really I have the Office on in the background, so it's a quick name to pop in my head. ha)
Our first stop was a quick turn around to get a better view of Jackson Square. That great statue with the St Louis Cathedral in the background... It's the oldest Cathedral in the US that is still used for services! And it's absolutely beautiful on the inside!

Then we started to drive around... Now. I heard a lot of what 'Jim' said... but the photographer in me was just excited to take some photos of some awesome things around the city... see the next couple photos:
This is a view straight out of the front over the head of 'Bessie' (I don't remember the horses name either!) NOLA is a very lovely town with a beautiful old feel.
This is the garden area where scenes from Double Jeopardy starring Ashley Judd was filmed. It was probably the only movie not starring Elvis that 'Jim' mentioned =o)
A boat that apparently helped saved thousands of lives during Katrina...
After the carriage ride, we went to dinner at a great restaurant that I don't really have photos of... so we'll just say that we had a lovely dinner after which we meandered our way to the Ritz Carlton for drinks (this is what they served water from... we were fancy. haha)
My pomegranate martini that (in this photo) looked like either pac man or a huge smiley face!
While we were hanging out and chatting with each other, Greg leaned over to me telling me to look at the booth next to us... who was there? Sting! This is Aaron's photo from his phone, and hopefully I'll be able to add Patty's photo later... I couldn't find it this morning while I was posting =o) We didn't want to be 'those people'. Like the screaming crazy ladies that rushed him.

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