Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Stream of Consciousness

I don’t watch American Idol. Well… I mostly don’t watch American Idol. I watch it during tryouts (if I happen to be home) because it makes me laugh but I heard today that Steven Tyler might be a possibility for a new judge… if that happens, I’m probably going to turn into an American Idol junkie. Have I ever told you how much I *heart* Steven Tyler and Aerosmith? I do, very much! When most of my friends went to college and started listening to U2, I went to college and started listening to Aerosmith. One of the things on my not yet officially started bucket list, is go see Aerosmith in concert. I’m hoping to take care of that one in the next year or so!

I finally finished editing all of the photos from my birthday New Orleans trip! It was a crazy fun time (with a Sting sighting!), and I’m looking forward to blogging about it! I’ll probably do a three part post over the weekend starting tonight, so stay tuned! It took forever because I was trying to edit other photos in between and I took around 500 total over the whole three days… a lot of those are gone now. Deleted. But I can’t wait to share  some of the better ones that made the cut from the French Quarter and Audubon Park!

I’ve been reading Donald Miller’s blog lately (I’m a fan of his books) and keep meaning to blog off of his blogs because they just make so much sense, but maybe I’ll just tell you to go and check his blog out for yourselves (although I probably will end up still referencing him from time to time). You can check him out here; and even if you don’t go and read them all, you should at least check out the insightful and deep blogs written through the eyes of his dog Lucy. They’re lovely…

I’m going to a Stampin’ Up party tomorrow which means I’m going to get in the crafty card making mood tomorrow evening but that’s ok, because it’ll give me something to write about on my blog and I’ve been in all kinds of blogging moods lately =o) Did you know, faithful blog readers, that I’ve had almost 1000 hits on this blog this month?? It’s CRAZY! And awesome, because like I’ve said before I *heart* blogging so it’s nice to know that there are people out there who like to read what I like to write and who like to look at photos that I enjoy taking =o) Maybe if I reach 1000 again in August I’ll do a giveaway of a 8x10 photo print or something similar… I’ll think about it. ;0)

Stay tuned… there are all kinds of possibilities!

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