Friday, July 30, 2010

New Orleans Part I: The Hotel

After driving through the night, a small hotel in Laurel, MS and lunch in Hattiesburg and a quick stop in Picayune to see John's parents, we drove on out and made it to our hotel! The Hotel Le Cirque on Lee Circle in New Orleans!
Nope... this isn't it =o) Tricked you, didn't I? This is the view from our (mine and Patty's) hotel room. Isn't that building beautiful? And from my little view, I could also see the trolley tracks. Had you noticed them yet? We rode the trolley around for a bit and ended up at Audubon Park. I'll show you more of that later. Here's another view from our window...
That's why the street we were on is called Lee Circle. That's the general right there looking down on the street making sure everything is safe and sound ;0) I found it to be a little bit ironic that this Yankee was hanging out under the watchful eye of the confederate general... but back to the hotel... It was really nice! We didn't spend very much time there and I didn't think to take any photos of the inside, but the hotel staff was extremely friendly! They suggested all kinds of places to go (don't worry dad & mom, we didn't go to the tattoo parlor they told us about) and spent all kinds of time chatting with us about our visits =o) I did get a photo of the outside of our hotel at night. It might have been the coolest part. 
Pardon the blurry, not so great photo, but by 2:30 in the morning, all I had was my cell phone! My camera had already been put up for the evening... So that was our hotel... are you ready for more? Check back tomorrow!

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