Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I Should Be Sweeping

Should be. And my sheets and blankets are freshly washed and need to be on my bed. After all, the house is showing tomorrow. And yet I sit here with the need to type. To send a blog out to people who might know me. To people unknown...

I watched Mr Holland's Opus tonight with Rachel. Truth be told, I spent most of the day in a funk and just kind of wanted to watch a movie that would probably make me cry, and for some reason Rachel is always up for hanging out and watching sad movies.... I don't know why, but when I'm in the mood for sad, I'm glad for it.

But it dawned on me at the end of the movie... how often do we feel unsuccessful. How often do we go through our day to day lives thinking that what we're doing really doesn't matter. We do. I do. You do. What you do, who you are matter to those around you. If I know you. Or really if I don't. If you're just one of  the amazing people that read this blog and keep my typing, you matter to me! I appreciate you, and I'm so very glad you're in my life. You make my life different in a great and awesome way! I hope you know it and I hope you start telling those around you that they make a difference to you, too. I wish for us all to not have to wait, like Mr Holland did, to learn how much we're cared for. Watch the movie, if you haven't, but for now watch this clip. And pay attention to the truth spoken by the governor's speech... and in case you missed it, I'm glad for the difference you made in my life. =o)

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