Thursday, July 15, 2010


Do you? I’ve been on twitter for a while now and sometimes I find myself wanting to speak in tweeting terms.

Does this happen to anyone else besides me??

I want to shorten conversations, speak quicker, use 140 characters or less. Shorten words, abbreviate like crazy (although the desire to shorten words and give nicknames happened long before twitter existed). I’ll be talking and to make sure the person I’m talking to really understands me or the emotion I’m trying to convey I’ll add the ‘#’ with a word at the end of a sentence. For instance:

I can’t be home during SYTYCD. #thankfulforfriends

That guy…  #crazypeople

[that singer] is my favorite #americanidol (just an example, I don’t actually watch AI)

Or my most common desire to just speak


I don’t know what it is about #frustration that makes me want to speak it so very badly! Haha… I don’t know if it’s the ease in communication or the fact that you can say it and it feels like I’m really relaying my emotions… or if there’s just something wrong with me. Which could very well be the case.

I have explained why I randomly say #frustration to more than one person in my life. Maybe I need to get off the tweeting...


Andrea said...

Would you pronounce it "pound; frustration"? or "number sign frustration"?


#sillyquestion #loveya #goodfriends

Joy said...

pound, of course. number sign takes too long =oP