Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hattiesburg Mississippi

Have you been to Hattiesburg? Are you from there? Have you ever driven through? I think I want to compile a list of people I know that have been or are from there. Really. I think I can count 7 or 8 off the top of my head... So tell me, blog friends, do you know Hattiesburg?

We stopped there on our way through Mississippi heading towards New Orleans for my birthday weekend... It reminded me a lot of Murfreesboro (where I live now). Both are good sized towns with a lot going on in them. Tons of restaurants with a mix of chain places and local places. Both have college campuses within their borders. I've taken some great pictures of MTSU, but Southern Miss has this tree. It's huge and stunning and it makes you want to climb up it to spend the afternoon reading in it. I wasn't going to make John stop his car, but I did. I had to. I couldn't help myself. I wanted photos to really remember this tree.

I took some that didn't turn out as interesting as I'd hoped, and I took some that remind me of senior yearbook photos, but all in all, I'm glad I have memories of this tree...

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